“Where does one begin with the multitude of skill sets that Elise McRoberts possesses? From curating magical experiences to making dreams and visions come to life, Elise is a conscious creator in a practical & real time way. Elise has a strong connection to the cannabis plant and her devotion and loyalty to the cannabis shines through in all that she does.”
- Maya, Founder of OM Edibles

Steve Deangelo

“Elise’s NorCal CannaCuisine Gala was a smashing success. It seemed ticket sales were as good as the level of enjoyment at the event, which I thought was over the top. She did a really good job and was so generous and gracious to me-- I felt truly honored. With this demonstrated success, Elise has taken the lead position in cannabis event production.”

-- Steve Deangelo

Jamie Evans

"Elise puts her heart and soul into every project that she takes on. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about cannabis, but she's an expert when it comes to marketing, sales, and event production. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Elise on many activations over the years. She always delivers to the fullest and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm is inspiring!"

-- Jamie Evans, Founder of The Herb Somm and Author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD: Explore the World of Cannabidiol

Andrew Deangelo

"I always enjoy Elise's content, feeds and newsletters. It's super impressive how much she accomplishes. Elise's voice is a lovely contribution to our industry and culture.”

-- Andrew Deangelo

Nikki Lastreto

 "Doing an event with Elise McRoberts is always special - her High energy adds such a sweet and wise touch and she is clearly a pro at whatever she sets out to accomplish. We had such fun together at the High Society event she produced with Lizzie Post. Elise can truly "light up a room" in more ways than one!"

-- Nikki Lestreto, Swami Select

Big Steve Parish

“The incredible Elise fabulously full of joy and love for everything Cannabis represents all the respect for the history and rolling and tumbling on into the future in a brave new world of healing and fun Through the magic plant we all love.”- Big Steve Parish, Grateful Dead and Co-Manager of Jerry Garcia Band

Lizzie Post

“Elise McRoberts is one of the most professional event organizers I have had the privilege of working with in the past 13 years at the Emily Post Institute. She asks the right questions, knows the right people, and never fails to make an event magical. I look forward to any chance to work with Elise again in the future.”

-- Lizzie Post, co-president, Emily Post Institute

Trevar Mazza

"Elise delivers an incredible amount of value to whatever she's focused her energy on. Lucky for us, she's directed some of that sparkle towards Chemistry. She's whip smart, dialed in and super engaging. We're grateful to be in her orbit."

-- Trevar Mazza, COO Chemistry

April Pride

“Elise is a well-respected female leader who has worked with other well-respected people and brands in our industry. I like to think of Elise as the connector between the pioneers of the industry's heritage years and their 21st-century proteges. She effortlessly maintains relationships with all.”

April Pride, Founder - Van Der Pop

Jason McHugh

Elise has collaborated with Califari on a few events and every time she brought both the spark and the plug to make a happening event whether it be a small boutique show or a full on launch party - Elise brings it! We were thrilled with the results for our Cannabis Line Launch party back in 2018, where she helped secure a dope location, as well as both celebrity and core tastemaker enhanced crowd too! Woohoo - our brand has been gaining steam ever since!

-- Jason McHugh, Founder - Califari