The Emerald Cup 2017

I was up at The Emerald Cup last weekend celebrating cannabis and this beautiful moment in time in California as we prepare for the opening up of the adult use market in 2018. I spent both days visiting friends & companies I love while scoping for the best cannabrands I haven’t seen.


Magic moments below captured by Tyler Arneson.


Shout out to CALIFARIChemistry, OM Edibles, Garden Society, Kikoko, 7Rays, Nectar’s Collective, Native Seed, Guild Extracts, Herba Buena, Essenciere, Kind Soltuions, Treatwell Health, Space Gem, Flow Kana, Emerald Pharms, Lady Buds, Jimi Devine, Steve Parish, Herbie Herbert, Annabelle Garcia, Jason McHugh, Pinsky, Jackie McGowan, Susan Soares, Cara Cardoni, Laura, Wayne & Dennis Peron’s posse, Ophelia Chong, Jeffthe420Chef, Luna, Kiki, RJ & Emily, and all those not pictured here (that I’m likely forgetting) for adding extra sparkle to my weekend!