California Wellness’ Open Letter to the City of Cloverdale

California Wellness’ Open Letter to the City of Cloverdale

ICYMI: I’m back in delivery! Very proud to announce I’ve joined forces with California Wellness as Chief of Communications, Curation and Brand Strategy. Haven’t been able to make a formal announcement as I hit the ground running and we have A LOT going on. Cmon, who in the California cannabis industry doesn’t right now?!?! So yeah, one of the things I’ve gotten to be part of is our dispensary permit application in Cloverdale and what a wild ride that’s become- here’s the scoop:

On March 13th I went to Cloverdale with our CalWell executive team extremely nervous, but pretty excited. It was the final portion of the dispensary permit application and we knew the decision would likely be made that evening. Two dispensary permits could be awarded and we were one of three applicants. The scores for the written application and interview had just been released. We were elated (and little shocked) to be quite ahead in first place- far outscoring the other 2 applicants in both categories. I say we were a little shocked because it was only then that we realized we were up against two local applicants with VERY deep roots in the Cloverdale community.

Luck of the draw gave us opportunity to present first and we were the only applicant with a prepared powerpoint to accompany our talking points. I can actually say we nailed our presentation, but to make this long story short- we weren’t awarded the permit. There’s a larger tale that will be told, but first I must say how incredibly proud I am of our team and declare my immense gratitude to California Wellness for giving me the opportunity to speak on behalf of the company and our mission.

After receiving outreach from locals and leaders in Cloverdale in disagreement with the City’s decision, Principals of California Wellness drafted this open letter to the City of Cloverdale. We’ll be attending the City Council meeting this Tuesday evening in Cloverdale. Weed love support from all those who stand with us.


March 20, 2018

Dear Mayor Joseph Palla and City Manager Paul Cayler:

It was a pleasure to present the California Wellness application to you and the Cloverdale City Council last week.  We sincerely appreciate the City’s efforts in tackling the issue of cannabis, particularly through such a deliberate and comprehensive process.  Thank you for giving our application serious consideration.

Cal Well was truly honored that the City staff awarded it such a high score going into last week’s meeting.  As you know, of the three applicants, Cal Well received the highest written application score and the highest interview score; and it presented the most comprehensive PowerPoint presentation and oral remarks.  Cal Well is also the only licensed and experienced cannabis operator with a 5-star rating on Yelp and on the well-regarded Meadow platform.  And yet out of the three applicants, we placed third.

It is Cal Well’s very strong desire to open a medical-only cannabis dispensary in the City of Cloverdale.  We remain hopeful that our vision can someday become a reality. To that end, we will attend the next City Council hearing on Tuesday, March 27th.  We hope that the City Council will reconsider its vote and find a path to awarding us a license. Why Cal Well? We offer the following:

  • Medicinal Only Cannabis;
  • Unobtrusive, Discreet Location;
  • Clinical/Therapeutic Atmosphere, Private Consultations;
  • Emphasis on Delivery Service;
  • Professional/Responsible/Experienced;
  • Not-for-Profit Organization;
  • Focused on Wellness and Education; and
  • Local Advisory Committee.

Our medical cannabis dispensary benefits Cloverdale in the following ways:

  • Hire Locally;
  • Higher Wages;
  • Lower Cost – Senior, Veteran, Low-Income Discounts;
  • Sell Local Products;
  • Support for Charities and Organizations; and
  • Provide Fitness Classes, Education Workshops and Drug Awareness Seminars.

We appreciate that this is a decision for the Cloverdale community to make on its own.  As the most qualified, experienced, and highest-ranked applicant—as determined by City staff using the City Council’s own objective criteria—we hope to remain in consideration to be afforded the opportunity to be medical cannabis stewards on behalf of Cloverdale.

Very truly yours,

Bobby Elam, Principal, California Wellness